Voice Alarms and PA Systems

In the event of an emergency – a fire, bomb alert or other incident – it is imperative that theatres, museums, concert halls and other public areas should have a Voice Alarm system they can rely on.

Installing Public Address systemAll our electronic Voice Alarm systems conform to the BS5839 pt 8 standard. This means that all wiring and electronics are certified to withstand fire for half an hour and still function. All systems are electronically checked automatically every 30 seconds. They are connected to the Fire Alarm system for automatic triggering of messages.

As a result, your organisation can rest assured that both staff and public will be kept informed in the event of any incident, and that evacuation will be orderly, calm and efficient.

How can a PA System help your business?

  • Routine messages – for contacting staff, organising and informing customers.
  • Emergencies – for planned evacuation. Well-rehearsed messages make for calm and efficient responses to emergencies. People respond very well to the spoken word.
  • Fireman’s Microphone – for the efficiency and convenience of the Fire Brigade.
  • Background Music – for atmosphere and sales purposes for promoters.
  • Show Relay – Broadcast of shows to areas for performers and prompt desks. This allows monitoring of shows.
  • Ambient Noise – Speaker volume is automatically adjusted to suit the prevailing conditions.
  • Battery Back up – VA systems are not dependant on mains supply and conform to BS5839 part 8 regulations.

Church sound systems

We have worked extensively in many places of worship in London and the South East. Our Clients in this sector include St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral.

Some Churches, particularly ancient buildings, have difficult acoustics, making audience participation less engaging. Our Public Address systems can use a number of low powered, strategically placed speakers to overcome this problem. They can also provide effective background music to enhance ambience between services.

Even recent installations can have acoustical challenges, and our techniques can help here.

We are happy to quote for supplying and installing church sound systems for all faiths and places of worship.

PA and Audio Installation Services

Each bespoke audio installation is conducted to exacting standards, to ensure the least amount of disruption and the highest levels of service.

  • Flexibility – we make sure that our services do not disturb your daily routines.
  • Tailor made – the systems are designed to meet your requirements as closely as possible. We are not tied to one manufacturer.
  • Project Manager – the appointed person will see the project through from start to finish. He or she is the point of contact throughout.
  • Maintenance – we provide regular preventive maintenance services in line with the British Standard requirements.
  • Training – we can provide training for your in-house engineers for such things as operation, programming and maintenance.

Arrange a consultation

We are always happy to visit you to discuss any aspect of Electronic Voice Alarm Systems or other Audio requirement you may have.

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